Child Uniform

In January / February 1969, Gerry Barker designed the first generation Recon Team Adder pocket patch. The long narrow shield shaped insignia had three top points on a black base material. In the center of the patch is an arm holding a sword that had been skewed with a skull and a brown adder snake coiled around the blade. At the base of the patch is an attached ribbon that reads: ADDER. Gerry stated “he had the first batch of twelve pieces manufactured in Bangkok, Thailand while on Rest and Recuperation (R&R)”. A later Thai design has been identified as wartime period with a cleaner look and thicker border. Other versions of the veteran worn patches were manufactured in Taiwan and one particular batch had the team name spelled as: ADDED.

The history of Recon Team Adder has been documented in the book; MAC V SOG: Team History of a Clandestine Army, Volume IV and can be ordered from this web site.

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