1-0 (One-Zero) Vest, 2nd Model

Ronald Davidson’s 2nd model, 1-0 vest that he had modified to carry 30 round CAR-15 magazines and spray painted camouflage.

Ronald C. Davidson served three tours in Vietnam. His first and second tours were in 1967- 1969 as a US Navy Seabee. He returned for a third tour in 1971 with Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MAC V SOG), Task Force 3 Advisory Element (TF3AE / CCS) until he transferred to Task Force 1 Advisory Element (TF1AE / CCN), Recon Company and served on Recon Teams Rhode Island, Louisiana and Cobra.

CWO-2 Davidson retired from the Army in April 1986 after twenty years’ service with thirty three months in Vietnam.