Cross Border Uniform

Jon Wang’s US issued, 3rd model, OD Green, uniform top that was modified by the Command and Control North (CCN) camp tailor. The garment had the lower waist pockets removed and reapplied to the upper sleeves with zipper closers, map pockets added to the center mid torso and blood type tapes that read: A-POSITIVE on the right chest and NO-ALERGY (sp) over the left chest pocket.

In 1971, Jon B. Wang served with Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MAC V SOG), Task Force One Advisory Element (TF1AE / CCN) assigned as the unit’s Surgeon.  Jon was later reassigned to the Forces Armee Nationale Khmer (FANK) Program.

Captain (0-3) Wang processed out of the Army in June 1972 after two years’ service with fourteen months in Vietnam.