Lonnie Garrison’s Khmer Republic flag that was modified with a winged skull, Cambodian unit designation and under the Angkor Wat temple reads LONG-HAT-USSF. The camp identification was misspelled and should read LONG HAI.

United States Army Vietnam (USARV), Individual Training Group (UITG) / FANK Training Command was created in 1970 under an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Vietnam. The arrangement allowed US Special Forces to train Cambodian Nationals that were assigned to the Forces Armee Nationale Khmer (FANK). The unit had a total of four different training centers that were located at Chi Lang, Phuc Tuy, Long Hai and Dong Ba Thin. During the history of the detachment they trained a total of 85 Cambodian Army Battalions and One Cambodian Marine Battalion.

After the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) Easter Offensive of 1972, UITG was expanded and had Mobile Training Teams (MTT’s) and Security Training Teams (STT’s) assigned from the 1st Special Forces Group (ABN) that helped retrain fifty-four Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) Infantry Battalions, fourteen Ranger Battalions, eight Reconnaissance Companies and one Tank Regiment prior to its closing in January 1973.

In 1972-1973, Lonnie Garrison was assigned to USARV (US Army Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam) with the Forces Armee Nationale Khemer (FANK) Program.