FOB#2 Plaque

Larry White’s Forward Operational Base #2 (FOB#2), end of tour plaque. The award has a brass presentation plate that is engraved: S/SGT LARRY M. WHITE, 66 – 67.

Larry M. White served three tours in Vietnam. His first tour was in 1967 with Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MAC V SOG), Forward Operational Base #2 (FOB#2), Recon Company and was later reassigned to 5th Special Forces Group (ABN), Project OMEGA, Recon Company with Recon Team Plane. His second tour was in 1968 with MAC V SOG, Command and Control Central (CCC), Recon Company where he was Wounded In Action (WIA) and medevaced to CONUS. Larry’s third tour was in 1970 with MAC V SOG, CCC, Recon Company, assigned to Recon Team Hawaii and later reassigned to the Launch Site Office as a Covey Rider. The veteran returned to Vietnam several times in 1973-1975 with the Joint Casualty Resolution Center (JCRC) to investigate Target Loss Sites.

Sergeant Major (E-9) White retired from the Army in 1987 after twenty-six years’ service with fifty-two months in Vietnam.