SOG Issued Metascope

Robert Castillo’s metascope (early night vision scope) that he carried and used during his High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) combat jump on May 7, 1971 with Recon Team Manes. The scopes were procured in very limited numbers through the Central Intelligence Agency for Military Assistance Command Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group (MAC V SOG) and issued to select reconnaissance team personnel. The items manufacturer labels were removed rendering them sterile.

In 1971, Robert J. Castillo served with Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MAC V SOG), Command and Control North (CCN) / Task Force 1 Advisory Element (TF1AE), Recon Company, assigned to Recon Team Idaho. Robert later transferred to CCN, Mobile Launch Team #3 (MLT#3) as a Covey Rider.

Master Sergeant (E-8) Castillo retired from the Army in 1987 after twenty-one years active service with twelve months in Vietnam.