Viet Cong Flag

Charles Darnell’s captured Viet Cong (VC) / National Liberation Front (NLF) flag.

The National Liberation Front (NLF) / Viet Cong Flags were introduced in 1954. The flag is divided horizontally into two equal parts with a five-pointed star in the center. The top red field represents the blood spilled for peace, the blue field represents that of peace and the five pointed yellow star signifies the Mongolian race. Each point of the start represents a social class: the top point Students and continuing clockwise is the farmers, industrialist, merchants and soldier.

Charles B. Darnell Jr. served four tours in South East Asia (SEA). His first tour was in August 1961 – February 1962 with the 7th Special Forces Group (SFG (ABN)) assigned to Project White Star in Laos. He returned for a second tour in August 1964 – February 1965 with the 1st SFG (ABN) assigned to Bon Sar Pa, RVN and later established Eagle Flight (pressor to the Mike Force). Charles third tour was in November 1966 – December 1967 with 5th SFG (ABN) assigned to Project Omega and later the B-55 Mike Force. Darnell’s last tour was in June 1970 – July 1971 assigned to the 46th Special Forces Company (46th SFC), Thailand as the Operations Officer.

Lieutenant Colonel Darnell retired from the Army in 1974 after twenty–two years’ service with thirty-six months in Vietnam.