Viet Cong Flag

Thomas Groll’s captured, double sided, Viet Cong (VC) / National Liberation Front (NLF) flag.

The National Liberation Front (NLF) / Viet Cong Flags were introduced in 1954. The flag is divided horizontally into two equal parts with a five-pointed star in the center. The top red field represents the blood spilled for peace, the blue field represents that of peace and the five pointed yellow star signifies the Mongolian race. Each point of the start represents a social class: the top point Students and continuing clockwise is the farmers, industrialist, merchants and soldier.

Thomas M. Groll served two tours in Vietnam. His first tour was in 1967 with the 101st Airborne Division until he was Wounded In Action (WIA) and medevaced to CONUS. He returned for a second tour in 1971 with Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MAC V SOG), Task Force 2 Advisory Element (TF2AE / CCC), Recon Company assigned to Recon Teams: Minnesota, New Mexico and New York. During the transition from MAC V SOG to the Strategic Technical Advisory Directorate Advisory Team – 158 (STDAT-158) the veteran volunteered for the Special Mission Force (SMF) where he remained until reassigned to the Individual Training Group (ITG).