Veteran Attributed

Veteran’s Options

Over the years, some veterans have spoken to me about their militaria and were uncertain of what to do with it. They always hope that a family member wants it, but in reality, usually families are very proud but disconnected from their service. Not many wives can appreciate a plaque with a blood dripping skull or a footlocker full of old uniforms. Truth be told, if they had not asked for it, they do not want it. If someone specific has expressed and interest, PLEASE take the time to write and sign a statement explaining exactly what the piece is, making sure you note any serial numbers or identifying characteristics. Try and explain what the piece means to you and why you retained it for all these years. The second option is to donate it to a museum, there are only so many museums and space is always limited. I have had access to several notable museum storage facilities that are filled with fantastic historical items that will never be displayed. When is the last time you went to a military museum and seen items documenting the history of a specific Sergeant? If you do decide to donate your item / items, you have to sign a statement relinquishing your ownership and you will not be able to get them back. The museum cannot sell the item but does has the right to trade it without your knowledge.My advice has always been to sell your items to a collector. Once you establish a monetary value to an artifact it will always be preserved. I personally have purchased everything in my collection and when the time comes to part with it, I will sell it fully documented to other historians with pictures of the veteran, copies of orders, and a break-down of his service. In turn, those collectors will do the same and the cycle will continue. Two hundred years from now the item or items will be displayed in collections and the veterans will still be spoken of.


As you may see by the website, I am a true historian and not a fly by night. I have been within the Special Forces community for over twenty-five years and am very interested in any HISTORY, PHOTOGRAPHS, or ARTIFACTS you wish to share or sell. Help me to help you, preserve your legacy for future generations.